Paying Traffic Tickets Online: Options in Texas and New Jersey

Paying traffic tickets online is a convenient way to quickly clear up violations and outstanding fines. With court systems increasingly moving to digital payment portals, drivers now have more options to pay their citations from home. However, the specific online traffic ticket payment process varies between states. This article focuses on the major systems available for electronic citation payment in Texas and New Jersey.

Online e-challan and ticket payment refers to the ability to pay traffic fines and penalties electronically over the Internet instead of having to mail in checks or visit a courthouse in person. Paying citations online is fast and easy and avoids long waits to clear violations. Most municipal and county court systems now offer web-based payment options and cash, check, or money order payments sent by mail. However, some more severe tickets still require going to traffic court.

Traffic enforcement and payment methods differ between states. We’ll cover the significant online traffic ticket payment systems in Texas and New Jersey. For more context, see our guide comparing toll tags and violations in these two states.

Paying Traffic Tickets Online

Paying Traffic Tickets Online in Texas

Overview of Online Payment Options

Most municipal courts in Texas have set up online payment portals to allow drivers to pay eligible traffic tickets and fines electronically. When enabled by the court, standard payment methods accepted are:

  • Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Debit cards – Cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo
  • Electronic checks – e-Checks using a bank account and routing number

Convenience fees ranging from $2-$4 are typically charged for online credit/debit card payments to offset transaction processing costs. E-checks often don’t have a fee. Fines paid online must be paid in full.

How to Pay Traffic Tickets Online in Major Texas Cities

Paying traffic tickets online is relatively straightforward in most large Texas municipalities. Here are quick guides to paying citations electronically in the three most extensive metro regions:


  1. Visit
  2. Click “Pay Online” and select Traffic Cases
  3. Search by driver’s license or case number
  4. Select the case, enter payment info, and pay the fine


  1. Go to
  2. Click Pay Online under the correct court location
  3. Search by citation number and confirm details
  4. Enter payment details and pay the amount owed

San Antonio

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Citation Number and click Search
  3. Verify details and click Add, then Checkout
  4. Submit payment information to complete the acceptable payment

If online payment isn’t available, fines can also be paid in person at the court or by mailing a money order. Failure to pay could result in additional penalties, arrest warrants, or driver’s license suspension.

Alternatives and Consequences

If you can’t afford to pay a traffic ticket immediately in full, payment plans, extensions, and community service may be available as alternatives to help resolve the fine. However, additional fees may be charged for late payments, and unpaid tickets could eventually be referred to collections or impact your credit.

Not paying fines can also lead to driver’s license suspension or prevent renewing your registration. Multiple outstanding tickets could even result in jail time in some cases. If you miss a court date, warrants may be issued as well.

See our guide “Paying Municipal Court Fines Online in New Jersey and Texas” for more details on dealing with traffic citations you can’t immediately pay.

Paying Traffic Tickets Online in New Jersey

NJMCDirect – The Official Online Payment Portal

NJMCDirect is New Jersey’s centralized online court and exemplary payment system for resolving traffic tickets, criminal court orders, and other municipal cases. Available violations that can be paid via NJMCDirect include the following:

  • Traffic infractions
  • Parking tickets
  • Local ordinance fines
  • Criminal court orders

To pay a ticket online, drivers should:

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘Pay Traffic Ticket’
  3. Search using the summons number
  4. Confirm details and click ‘Continue.’
  5. Enter payment information to complete the acceptable payment

NJMCDirect accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and electronic check payments 24/7.

Limitations and Alternatives

Some serious traffic violations, such as DUI charges, still require appearing in traffic court in person. NJMCDirect does not process payments on weekends, holidays, or when municipal courts are closed. Drivers can contact their local municipal court directly for more information if online payment isn’t available for a specific ticket.

Disputing Tickets vs Paying Online

It’s important to note that paying a New Jersey traffic ticket online is considered pleading guilty. You waive your right to dispute the ticket in court. More serious traffic violations require personally appearing before a judge, even if you plan to plead guilty.

Some minor traffic infractions like illegal parking or broken headlights may allow pleading ‘Not Guilty’ by mail instead of going to court. However, speeding tickets, cell phone violations, and other moving violations typically require appearing in person.

See our guide for help checking pending citations and understanding the dispute process in these states before paying fines.

Paying tickets and fines online is usually the fastest and most convenient way to resolve minor traffic violations, avoid additional penalties, and keep your license and registration current. Texas and New Jersey offer electronic payment systems to clear eligible citations from home.

Remember that options vary between municipalities, so check your local traffic court’s website for specific instructions. More severe infractions like DUI may still require appearing before a judge, even if you intend to plead guilty. Consult a traffic lawyer before paying or disputing a violation when in doubt.

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