About John!

John Eric grew up in Dallas, Texas, where he developed a passion for exploring the Lone Star State. After graduating college with a journalism degree, he combined his love of writing and adventure by becoming a travel blogger focused on hidden gems across Texas.

When he’s not working his IT job to fund his explorations, you can find John crisscrossing Texas highways and backroads in his trusted pickup truck, Rojo. As a road trip aficionado, John pays close attention to toll tag systems like Texas’ TxTag that keep traffic moving efficiently. He’s knowledgeable about EZ tag, TollTag, PikePass, and other regional electronic toll collection networks as he journeys from Amarillo to Abilene.

During a recent road trip up I-95 to New Jersey, John researched the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike toll systems. He was impressed by New Jersey’s NJMCDirect portal for contesting traffic tickets online when he got cited for an expired registration. John documented his Jersey adventures and toll tag learnings through photos, videos, and stories – revealing little-known corners of America’s landscapes from the Jersey Shore to the Texas panhandle.

Though John doesn’t have the budget right now to circumnavigate the globe, he finds adventure close to home. As long as there are Texas highways left to traverse, diners to discover, and roadside oddities to uncover, John will continue revealing the Lone Star State’s hidden gems for adventurous readers.

– Eric for TexTaged.com